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Office Christmas Party Idea

According to statistics, a third of companies surveyed have decided not to host an office Christmas Party any more because of health and safety concerns. But with a little thought, you can still treat staff to a great time, without the worries. Most offices are unable to cope with the volume of food and drink at a party and equipment gets damaged, the whole office needs cleaning etc.

Getting the team out for their christmas reward can also be a logistical headache. Take them for a meal and it costs a fortune unless your are happy to share a space with a dozen other companies. Many of your staff will go, because it is the company 'christmas do' but they really would prefer to be elswhere. Going clubbing won't appeal to everyone either so there will always be some people who won't have a good time.

Poor managers would use Lincoln's quote "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time" and leave it at that.

But there is now a great way to please all of your staff at the same time - the office Christmas party treasure hunt.

How come?

The treasure hunt is inclusive, fun and sociable. There is something to do all of the time. It is active. It is interactive. Photos from the event can be downloaded onto a laptop and shown during the evening if you choose the fully managed treasure hunt.

London based teams may want to have a look at Dickens Inn, Tower of London or the Wine Tun as suitable finish venues. All would be suitable to continue your office party after the treasure hunt element.

There are plenty of clues to keep everyone busy. You choose the start point and the end point but there is no set route in between. There are straightforward clues, photo tasks and more obscure clues so everyone can contribute. There is a word game and a 'shopping' list to do as well and the group marking at the end ensures that the fun of your office christmas party treasure hunt continues.

Your treasure hunt can be fully customised, we just need a few pictures and anecdotes about the colourful or quirky characters who will be attending your office Christmas party and we will do the rest.

When we talk customisation, we are not dealing with the usual formulaic style used by competitors where certain questions will be personalised. We alter tasks, photo challenges and questions wherever we can in order to make your hunt more individual. All at no extra cost. For example, on one treasure hunt, we were told that a certain member of the group liked to pay for their round in a pub using small change - so one of the tasks on their office Christmas party was to pay for a round using only coppers and silver ... it took guts to do that in the busy pub but credit where credit is due, one team rose to the challenge, had a whip round and did it.

There are three office Christmas party treasure hunt versions. For smaller companies on a tight budget, there is a DIY option but if you want something that is slick and well organised, order the managed version which will be delivered by one of our experienced events organisers.

Smartphone Office Christmas Party

The third version is also DIY but for those who love their smartphones, the smartphone office Christmas party treasure hunt! With the smartphone event results are instant and we can either do the final results or pass the results onto the manager. As with the paper treasure hunt, on the smart phone version we can add information as required, be it thanks to certain people, maybe information on the years high lights or it could be company clients, the choice is yours.


Office Christmas Party.

Your Office Christmas Party Treasure Hunt ...

The treasure hunt or scavenger hunt takes place in your chosen location. You can see the venues with prepared treasure hunts on our treasure hunt venues page. If your venue isn't listed, let us know. There is no extra cost to prepare one at a specific location for you. Remember, Your office party Christmas treasure hunt can be fully personalised - if you need a specific start and finish location, or a specific slant, tell us!

The treasure hunt is great too for private individuals and charity organisations. It is also rapidly taking over from the 'weekend in Prague' becoming the new generation of stag and hen event, the perfect daytime activity for a weekend 'do'. They are fun, sociable and involve everyone - email your stag or hen enquiry from here.


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We do not subcontract out our treasure hunts or scavenger hunts - we produce and deliver them ourselves ensuring you of a top quality event. We are contracted by top corporate entertainment companies to write and deliver their treasure hunts - Tips


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