The london Treasure Hunt

Corporate days in london...

Explore the history and sights of our great nation's capital city. Guided by the clues, your teams will compete against each other to win the treasure. Along the way there will be laughs, negotiation, lateral thinking, photos and plenty of communication to gel a new team or revitalise an existing one. From Erith to West Drayton; Enfield to Coulsdon, there is a London treasure hunt to suit you ... and if there isn't? We will write one specifically tailored to your requirements.

Are you a London based company who is looking for cost-effective team building close to your base? Or are you based out in the shires and want a team building away day in the capital? Do you want to organise a great corporate event or company away day?Either way, the London treasure hunt is your perfect solution. There is no fixed route, teams must plan their own. It is against the clock so teams must be organised and this adds an element of friendly competition to your event.

Image: london team building treasure hunt.

You will appreciate the London treasure hunt because it involves minimal organisation on your part, we prepare it and you can have a fully managed treasure hunt expertly delivered by our experienced events managers or a DIY version. It can be on paper or delivered via mobile devices. It can slot into a day that includes other activities or be a stand-alone event.

In other words, a Hunt for Treasure London treasure hunt is versatile, flexible and requires minimal effort for you to organise.

What London treasure hunts are available?

- Jack the Ripper treasure hunt - around the East End where the Ripper operated.
- Camden Town and Camden Market - the spiritual home of music in London
- Docklands, Canary Wharf - the East End again but with a different emphasis!
- Westminster treasure hunt - see Westminster in a new light.
- Treasure hunting by Tube - a lot of stairs and escalators as you keep coming up for air and clues!
- London Taxi Cab treasure hunt - relax as you manoeuvre around the city in a taxi.
- Treasure hunt Greenwich - brings a whole new meaning to Greenwich mean time ....
- City Highlights treasure hunt - perfect for non-Londoners taking in some of London's main venues.
- Kew smartphone treasure hunt - go green!
- London Arty smartphone treasure hunt - fancy a bit of culture?

And those are just our prepared treasure hunts, we have produced and delivered many more bespoke treasure hunts for international visitors as well as companies with offices both in and outside of London.

When we say bespoke, we mean it! We can theme it to your industry, a specific area of London, start and finish venues of your choice ... much more than just adding your company logo to the bottom of every page!

Your staff will appreciate the London treasure hunt because it is fun, sociable and inclusive ... unlike old-fashioned team building activities. There is no boring theory, no 'touchy-feely' problem solving, no sitting around all day in a stuffy room or waiting in the cold and wet for your turn.

From the outset, everone is involved and to win the 'treasure' teams must use their communication, planning, negotiating, creative and lateral thinking skills. In short, they learn to work together in the best sort of atmosphere for developing skills.

London is an amazing place for a team building treasure hunt, it will give your team fresh air and a fresh view of the city. The ever popular tourist attraction of Buckingham Palace has some seldom noticed interesting features and is not featured in most corporate events. Your London Treasure Hunt can easily incorporate any London icon whether it be a statue, building or other feature. How many people have stood at the gates to the Palace and looked through but have you noticed the manufacturer of the locks on the gates or how many lions are seen on the stone pillars. On a treasure hunt in London, many new facets of the capital city will be revealed. Have you ever just stopped and lifted your eyes from street level and looked at the amazing architecture of the buildings or the little signs or found the strange stone faces of London? And for those who have never visited London, it is the perfect way to discover it.

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