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Situated as it is at the junction of the M4 and M5, the easy-to-reach city of Bristol offers a great opportunity for team building or corporate away days. With a strong maritime and rich commercial history, it offers all of the elements required for a classic treasure hunt.

A short trip along the motorway brings you to Bristol where you can find the antidote to old-fashioned team building ... the Bristol Treasure hunt.

Starting and finishing at venues of your choice, this flexible activity can be used as the main event or as a subsidiary activity. It is a bespoke event - tailored to your exact requirements, not just customised by printing your logo on every page!

Organisation is easy - simply call or email, confirm your booking and we do the rest. All you need to do is to supply the participants!

Image: bristol team building treasure hunt.

Further inland from the city, the Avon is spanned by the famed Clifton Suspension Bridge. Designed by the Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this impressive construction was finished in 1864 with a span of over 200 metres and almost 80 metres above high water level. Sadly, Brunel died before seeing this work completed. Probably the best known story of the bridge is that of a Victorian girl who had a bit of a spat with her boyfriend and decided to end it all. So she jumped off. Thanks to a combination of billowing petticoats acting as a parachute and thick gloopy mud, she survived!

Unfortunately, that is how many employees see team building days. And quite rightly too. But the old style 'barrel and plank' events still persist. How does that help build a team? One or two people come up with the solution whilst everyone else watches. The less physical members are never involved.

So banish mediocrity and inject some enjoyment into your Bristol team building or corporate away day. The treasure hunt is the perfect antidote to run of the mill teambuilding. It has everyone fully involved the whole time as there are more clues than could be answered, a 'shopping list', a word game and photo tasks.

Staff will use lateral thinking skills, negotiation, planning and time keeping. The winning team will have mastered and developed these skills in order to succeed and earn the treasure.

The Bristol treasure hunt takes place either on foot in Bristol itself or by car, to the south of the city, where you will explore the local villages in order to find the answers and complete the tasks.

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