The aberdeen Treasure Hunt

Corporate days in aberdeen...

The granite city of Scotland provides ample opportunity for a fun and inclusive corporate away day or team building.

Scratch the surface of the city that has won Britain in Bloom a record number of times and you will find that it is a great destination for your Scottish teambuilding event.

Image: aberdeen team building treasure hunt.

Despite its reputation as being grey, Aberdeen is far from that in character. It has plenty of green open space and the parks and gardens are a source of pride - justifiably so as the city has been awarded the 'Best City' award in the RHS Britain in Bloom competition on numerous occasions. You just might have to visit one or two of these to find the answers to the treasure hunt clues ...

But how will you benefit from a treasure hunt for your team building here in Scotland?

Effective team building takes place in an enjoyable environment. The treasure hunt is fun, sociable and inclusive. There are more clues than teams could answer in the available time; nor is there a set route so teams will need to work together to reach a consensus of the best way round prior to heading out. The shopping list and photo tasks will hone their negotiating and lateral thinking skills whilst the clues themselves will require a team effort to solve.

And just to spice things up, on the fully managed event, there are prizes for the winning team.

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