The Birmingham Treasure Hunt

Corporate days in Birmingham...

Easy access to England's 'Second City' makes it a good choice for the company get together or teambuilding.

Once the capital of UK industry, Birmingham has many features that make it attractive to the astute manager looking for a team building location easily accessible from all parts of the UK.

Image: Birmingham team building treasure hunt.

There are more clues and tasks to complete than could possibly done in the time available so the teams need to make decisions, keep an eye on time and plan their route if they want to win. The photo tasks add an extra dimension giving your staff a fun record of their team building away day in Birmingham.

It is well known the people learn and work together more efficiently in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere. The Birmingham treasure hunt is stimulating from many angles - the competition and the fact that everyone is constantly involved to name but two!

Unlike competitors with their 'one size fits all' approach, we customise your treasure hunt properly. If you want a treasure hunt for a financial sector client, that's what you get. Or if you need specific start and finish venues, just ask. Teams do not follow a set route, that would be boring. Each team make their own decisions based on where the clues are.

Birmingham centre has been extensively redeveloped during the 21st century and has a real buzz, the perfect place for a corporate away day as it is so easy to get to from every part of the UK. There are loads of great start and finish venues for your team building away day in Birmingham, such as The Old Joint Stock Theatre where a treasure hunt during the day could be followed by a show in the evening to wrap up your Birmingham team building event.

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