Great team building should be fun, engaging, unique and interactive

So, how can you access such an event?


Ring 01780 470 718 to organise a corporate treasure hunt and call it a company fun day!

Conventional 'team building' versus treasure hunt team building

The mention of a team building day often demotivates staff.

Conventional team building events leave most people standing with nothing to do.

Conventional team building events last the whole day and can become tedious.

Many conventional corporate team building days focus only on problem solving.

The mention of a corporate fun day treasure hunt will motivate your staff.

There is always something to do on a treasure hunt.

Timing and group size is flexible with a treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt develops ALL workplace skills - planning, communicating, problem solving, creative thinking, time keeping, working together ...

Maximise the return on your team building budget with a treasure hunt.

Popular treasure hunts

What's your objective?

Team reward, team bonding, staff motivation, corporate fun day, conference break - a treasure hunt is ideal.

Flexible - can be slotted in at any point of your company away day.

Fun - keeps the momentum of the day going or boosts it back up if your team is flagging.

Unique - tailored to your day, your industry, your team.

Engaging - the questions and tasks are designed with accessibility and humour in mind.

Interactive - the questions, photo tasks, shopping list and word game mean there is always something to do.

Competitive - to earn the treasure, team members must work collaboratively, be punctual and organised.

The treasure hunt is the perfect activity if you:

Astute managers realise that a profitable business needs motivated staff. Providing a variety of regular team building, corporate entertainment events and away days into your calendar creates a motivational and enthusiastic team. So build in at least one treasure hunt per year - you will be delighted with the event and even more delighted with the team building effect.

How does a treasure hunt address team building?

Many team skills lie in collaboration and communication; team building has the power to transform the culture of an organisation.

Effective team building enables:

  • development of communication, planning and creative thinking.
  • your employees to break down the barriers between departments.
  • it affords the opportunity for management to interact with staff in a relaxed situation.

During your treasure hunt, at whatever location, you'll actively turn teamwork into results. Your teams will learn new techniques for reducing errors, increasing production and inspiring innovation.

It's all done in a relaxing and enjoyable way, solving amazing, mind-boggling challenges - planning, communicating, navigating and problem solving. Unlike conventional team building corporate events, everyone is involved all of the time, no standing around and waiting.

Why choose us for your treasure hunt?

We are specialists and our skills are not diluted by preparing and organising conventional team building and corporate events.

You are assured of an event manager who knows exactly how to motivate your teams before, during and after the hunt.

Our specialism ensures that Hunt for Treasure treasure hunts challenge and entertain in an inclusive and motivational atmosphere.

Our treasure hunts are the first choice for established team building and corporate events companies operating nationally and internationally.

Your treasure hunt will be bespoke - sorry, but if you are looking for an ordinary 'one size fits all' approach you will have to use a treasure hunt from someone else. We produce only treasure hunts that fit like a glove. We listen to your needs and fully customise your treasure hunt - just tell us what you want and we deliver.

You can benefit from our innovative ideas. Your hunt can be based on paper or mobile technology.

Your treasure hunt can be arranged at any venue, on foot or by car. We even have a London Underground and Monopoly treasure hunt! We have established car based treasure hunts in various places in the UK plus a great on-foot French treasure hunt round Paris.

UK based and European treasure or scavenger hunts can be written for any specific location and remember, we will tailor them to your exact requirements including start and finish locations.

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