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Hunt for treasure - Treasure & scavenger hunts are ideal for company away days, team building, corporate events, conference breaks and educational trips. They are available in the UK and Europe

Treasure hunts are fun, dynamic and inclusive, i.e. everyone gets involved.

"Everyone had a fantastic time at the Treasure Hunt on Thursday ... the afternoon Team bonding session was fantastic and I can honestly say that it Really made a difference to see all the other people in different depts in a more relaxed atmosphere".

Carol Whitbread - Premier Travel Inn Marketing

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Astute managers realise that a profitable business needs a and motivated staff will build a variety of regular team building or staff motivational corporate entertainment events and away days into their calendar. So build in at least one treasure hunt per year - you will be delighted with the event and even more delighted with the team building effect.

So whatever your corporate events, team building or conference break needs, please call us or email for a no-obligation treasure hunt quote - you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

We have provided corporate away days for a wide variety of clients from many different industries, for example the Environmental Agency, Nike, and of course many smaller businesses and individuals.

For schools, an educational treasure hunt could liven up a trip to an animal park or help to focus the students on key historical, geographical, religious features and so on. The treasure hunt is perfect as it is fun and students will barely realise that they are in fact learning and not just having a great day out of the classroom!


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Treasure Hunts

Sorry, but if you are looking for an ordinary 'one size fits all' approach you will have to use a treasure hunt from someone else. We produce only treasure hunts that fit like a glove. We listen to your needs and fully customise your treasure hunt.

Your treasure hunt can be arranged at any venue, on foot or by car. We even have a London Underground and Monopoly treasure hunt! We have established car based treasure hunts in various places in the UK plus a great on-foot French treasure hunt round Paris.

UK based and European treasure or scavenger hunts can be written for any specific location and remember, we will tailor them to your exact requirements including start and finish locations.

We do not subcontract out our treasure hunts or scavenger hunts - we produce and deliver them ourselves ensuring you of a top quality event. We are contracted by top corporate entertainment companies to write and deliver their treasure hunts - Tips

For your FREE corporate team building quote - ring 01780 470718 or email or use the contact form

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We think that is enough words for anyone ... but if you need more convincing ... or just really enjoy reading ... the benefits to your company will be felt in several directions. It enables:
>> development of communication, planning and lateral thinking.
>> your employees to get to know others in your organisation better.
>> your employees to break down the barriers between departments.
>> you to deliver a stimulation activity to perk up a jaded workforce.
>> management interact with staff in a relaxed situation.

During your treasure hunt, you'll actively turn teamwork into results. Your teams will learn new techniques for reducing errors, increasing production and inspiring innovation. All done in a relaxing and enjoyable way, solving amazing, mind-boggling challenges - planning, communicating, navigating on this urban challenge and problem solving. But the hunts do not have to be in a town or city, they can easily be used as stimulation events for conference breaks.
Why choose us for your treasure hunt?

>> Because of our experience.
>> Because we supply treasure hunts to other leading corporate events management companies such as Gable Events.
>> Because of our innovative ideas.
>> Because our hunts challenge as well as entertain.
Choose a treasure hunt when you ...

>> have a new team to establish.
>> have to freshen up delegates at a conference/training event - conference break
>> want to close a deal by involving your clients and sales force.
>> have an existing team struggling to overcome personality and style differences.
>> want to reward your employees.
How Our Treasure Hunts Work ...
Each team has a treasure hunt booklet containing traditional treasure hunting tasks. You must also navigate your team around the city on their urban challenge or countryside using a map. For extra points teams take photographs of specific subjects and local landmarks with a digital camera (supplied). To develop planning and decision making in your team, we always set too many clues and tasks for the time available. Teams must select the challenges and the most efficient route to gain optimum points. Heavy penalties are handed out for late arrival back at base so the winning team will have shown flexibility as well as good planning in order to meet the deadlines.

We often work in conjunction with Peterborough based corporate entertainment event company Gable Events. The Gable Events staff will take your call and find out exactly what you need. They will then make the arrangements for your event - a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt and then pass these to Andy. Andy is our treasure hunt and scavenger hunt corporate entertainment event manager and he will be in contact with you prior to the event to finalise the details.